The Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County remains open, but is not accepting walk-ins at this time. If you need assistance with child care services, please call 352-375-4110 and our staff will assist you.

The ELCAC will hold an Executive Committee meeting on Friday, March 27th at 3pm. Due to COVID-19, the office is closed to the public but any individual who would like to join the meeting may do so by calling (605) 475-6333 and enter code 7422938.

Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County

The Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County
Board of Directors

Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County

Debby Knopf

Acting Chair

Dr. Karen Bennett

Santa Fe Little School

Laura Gillman

Austin, Gillman & Lovano, P.L.L.C.

Natalie Strappy

Alachua County Public Schools

Rev. George Dix

Cuddly Kids Academy

Diana Duque

Alachua County Health Department

Donna Jones

Alachua County Public Schools

Debby Knopf

CenterState Bank

Chris Picou

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Lieba Gouin

O2B Kids

Dr. Patricia Snyder

University of Florida

Phyllis Marty

Career Source NCF

David Rountree

Community Foundation of North Central Florida

Cheryl Twombly


Michael Williams

CenterState Bank

Colin Murphy

Children's Trust of Alachua County

Patrick Bizub

Shadow Health


ELCAC Board Application

Positions on the Board of Directors are open at this time. Board members represent Alachua County. Of the current Board openings, openings are for private-sector representatives. Below is a list of responsibilities and roles for Board members. If you are interested in being a member of the Coalition’s Board of Directors, please contact Kelli Williams at (352) 375-4110 x137 or complete the application below.

Responsibilities of Early Learning Coalitions

Coalitions were created to oversee and improve the readiness and successful outcomes of children birth to kindergarten in the community  (F.S. 1002). The governor appoints the Chair and two additional private sector members. If you are interested in applying for a governor appointed position, complete the application below.  A minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 may serve on the local Coalition board.

Board Roles

  • Establish strategic direction
  • Ensure resources are available
  • Provide oversight/accountability
  • Ensure legal and ethical operations – Government in the Sunshine

Basic Responsibilities

  • Determine mission and purpose
  • Select, evaluate, and support the executive director
  • Ensure effective organizational planning
  • Ensure adequate resources
  • Manage resources effectively
  • Determine, monitor, and strengthen the Coalition’s programs and services
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability
  • Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance
  • Provide outreach and advocacy for Coalition’s mission

Personal Characteristics Desired

  • Ability to analyze and synthesize information, work well in groups and listen to the thoughts and opinions of others
  • Willingness to leverage relationships in personal and professional spheres of influence to further the work of the Coalition
  • Willingness to work and problem solve with individuals of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity demonstrating mutual respect
  • Respect for and adherence to governing laws of the Coalition
  • Friendliness, responsiveness, honesty, integrity, and a sense of humor are paramount

Early Learning Coalition Board Member Expectation Statement

  • Attend board meetings, special committee meetings, special events as appropriate
  • Be knowledgeable and informed of the Coalition’s mission, vision and overall purpose
  • Review the agenda and supporting materials prior to the meetings and contribute positively to the discussion
  • Become familiar with the Bylaws and follow them
  • Recognize that the only employee of the board is the executive director; the executive director directs the activities of the staff
  • Become knowledgeable about the field of early care and education and the importance of quality experiences birth to five
  • Serve as an ambassador promoting the work of the Coalition
  • Abide by a code of ethics and Government in the Sunshine laws
  • Exercise fiduciary oversight by reviewing financial information and asking relevant questions